RIT Team wins Honorable Mention in EPA Program

EPA’s P3 – People, Prosperity, and the Planet—is a unique college competition for designing solutions for a sustainable future.This past weekend a team from RIT presented their idea: Development of an Improved Arborloo to Promote Sanitation in Rural Environments.  The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Waste team designed a light-weight toilet for rural areas of developing countries. Called the Arborloo, this toilet is a simple pit latrine that sits over a shallow pit that safely holds human waste. When the pit is full, the Arborloo is moved to a new location, the pit is covered with dirt, and fruit trees or vegetable gardens are planted in the nutrient rich soil. While most Arborloos are built as do-it-yourself projects by homeowners, the goal of this project is to develop the Arborloo into a low-cost commercial product to encourage widespread distribution. The team, seen below – took home an honorable mention.  Two Saunders MBA students with concentrations in Sustainable Management –  Jonathan Morris-Eppolito and Airin O’ Connor (seen in the pictures wearing Saunders’ hats) were part of this interdisciplinary team. Many thanks to Sarah Brownell for leading this team and integrating Jon and Airin into the team.

RIT's Team at the EPA's P3 Competition

Saunders Students Jon Morris-Eppolito and Airin O-Connor with the Prototype

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