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  1. vaibhav says:

    What is the relationship between ethics and business ethics?

  2. Vessela Petrova says:

    What is the relationship between corporate governance and corporate social responsibility?

  3. Conscripted Dog Walker says:

    Hello Professors,

    I am a first year veterinary student. As part of our Human Animal Relationship course, we have been conscripted to walk the beagles used in other courses. This has no academic use to us, but was construed at ‘beagle training’ on the basis of 15 minutes of ‘dog training coaching’ with a professional at the beginning of the semester. (All of this information was provided by our Clinical Skills course in a manner more appropriate for future professionals).

    We spend about 1 hour a week walking the dogs during lunch time. Some days this is the only time available to meet with professors, attend seminars or other academic opportunities.

    If we fail to walk the dogs, we will not pass the course–regardless of our understanding of course material.

    The course is ending in two weeks. But the professor plans to have us to continue to walk the dogs with no compensation in either course credit or payment next semester.

    The professor is arguing that since we benefit from the dogs in class, we should walk them. But many other classes benefit from the dogs’ use and do not walk them. Further, some of the faculty use the dogs in their research, and they do not walk the dogs.

    Also, those who benefit from other on-campus services (such as chemistry tutors) are not required to do a semester of tutoring themselves. Those that volunteer to tutor the courses are compensated. Also, those students that volunteer to prepare cadaver dogs for Anatomy courses are compensated.

    Additionally, many students have their own dogs which they are unable to walk during lunch time. Instead, they must walk the school dogs.

    Is it is ethical to conscript students in this way?
    Also, do students have rights this situation?

    Because of the power differential between the Dean and freshmen students, many students are afraid to complain.