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Sam E. Antar to discuss white-collar crime April 1

Former Crazy Eddie’s CFO recounts his criminal past during Saunders College event

March 25, 2015
by Marcia Morphy
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The mastermind of one of the largest white-collar securities frauds of all time, reformed convicted felon Sam E. Antar, will visit Rochester Institute of Technology to discuss the dangers of fraud, how thieves prey upon the weaknesses of others, and to answer some really tough questions.

The former Crazy Eddie’s Chief Financial Officer will offer some straight talk on his life as an economic predator from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 1, in the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences auditorium. Free and open to the public, the event is sponsored by Saunders College of Business and The Next Generation of Accountants (NGA) accounting club.

During the 1980s, Crazy Eddie Antar was coined by U.S. Attorney Michael Chertoff as “The Darth Vader of Capitalism.” During his public appearances, Antar offers no self-apologies, self-pity or self-promotion. But he does offer insight into the heart of combating white-collar fraud.

“As a criminal, I used every tool I knew to gain my objectives,” Antar said. “I took advantage of people’s weaknesses, niceties, etc., in any way I could. I could be any person I had to be for any situation. I hope by publicly exposing my own past criminal misdeeds that others will use them as an example of how to avoid future frauds.”

Parking for the Sam Antar event is available in J Lot. For more information, email or contact Professor Roberta Klein, adviser of Saunders College NGA club, at 585-475-6838, or

RIT Team wins Honorable Mention in EPA Program

EPA’s P3 – People, Prosperity, and the Planet—is a unique college competition for designing solutions for a sustainable future.This past weekend a team from RIT presented their idea: Development of an Improved Arborloo to Promote Sanitation in Rural Environments.  The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Waste team designed a light-weight toilet for rural areas of developing countries. Called the Arborloo, this toilet is a simple pit latrine that sits over a shallow pit that safely holds human waste. When the pit is full, the Arborloo is moved to a new location, the pit is covered with dirt, and fruit trees or vegetable gardens are planted in the nutrient rich soil. While most Arborloos are built as do-it-yourself projects by homeowners, the goal of this project is to develop the Arborloo into a low-cost commercial product to encourage widespread distribution. The team, seen below – took home an honorable mention.  Two Saunders MBA students with concentrations in Sustainable Management –  Jonathan Morris-Eppolito and Airin O’ Connor (seen in the pictures wearing Saunders’ hats) were part of this interdisciplinary team. Many thanks to Sarah Brownell for leading this team and integrating Jon and Airin into the team.

RIT's Team at the EPA's P3 Competition

Saunders Students Jon Morris-Eppolito and Airin O-Connor with the Prototype

Darden Video Contest

The Olsson Center for Applied Ethics would like to hear from you! Students from around the world are invited to contribute to the conversation about the role of ethics in modern society through the “Building an Ethical World” video contest. This video contest opportunity allows students to express their views creatively on relevant ethical issues that impact our everyday lives.

For more information watch the following clip: “Building an Ethical World” Video Contest


The videos are in!

Contest entries are in and its time to vote!

Title Topics Contestants
Conrad has an ethical dilemma Worker Behavior, Theft John Paeglow, Lindsay Kuzara
Inappropriate Sign Language Employee relationships James Flakes, Veronica Raco, Maxwell Shea
Beigez Movie Bribes, Culture R&D Nicole Benziger, Chris Tarantino
Corporation’s Right and Ethic Hiring, Human capital, HR Chi-Wai Kwong-Sito, Sarah Fearon, Cherri Frejuste
Uranium Mine Stakeholders, Local communities, Mining Industry Amina Mobasher, Bettina Burleigh
Dilemma Dilemma Sexual harassment, Employee relations Sanchit Khera
Whistleblower’s Quandary Whistleblowers, Accounting scandal Arun Thakar, Prakash Kandasamy, Mike Juchniewicz

Hale Chair in Applied Ethics

Thursday, October 13th

4-5:30, Liberal Arts Auditorium (6-A205)

The Canons of Business Ethics:

A Practical Framework for Ethical Decision-Making

James A. Nortz (Compliance Director, Bausch & Lomb)

Business professionals are compelled to safely navigate their firms through a thicket of conflicting legal and extralegal obligations owed to multiple stakeholders. In light of the painful missteps that have been and continue to be made by some of the most renowned practitioners of the business arts, it’s apparent that many could benefit from the adoption of a systematic methodology to integrate moral considerations into decision-making processes in business.
The Canons of Business Ethics set forth a practical framework designed to assist business professionals in charting an ethical course, thus lowering legal and reputational risks for both them and their firms. Rather than being an artificial moral construct designed for the purpose of advancing a particular social agenda or utopian dream of what ought to be, the Canons codify an approach conscientious business professionals have likely been applying for millennia to make rational and defensible business judgments.

Welcome to the New Board of Directors

It is an exciting time for the Institute for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility as we welcome the members of its new Board of Directors. The members’ diverse background and expertise in the area of ethics, CSR, human resource management and sustainability will help the Institute execute its mission and develop closer ties with industry.

The newly constituted Board of Directors includes:

  • Deb Koen President & CEO, Career Development Services
  • Sharon Coates. Vice-President at Zaretsky and Associates, Inc
  • Jim Nortz – Compliance Director at Bausch and Lomb
  • Barbara Egenhofer,  Director – Recruitment, Retention & Succession Planning at University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Twyla J. Cummings, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the CIAS and the Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professor. Rochester Business Ethics Foundation


Join MIT live virtual panel about Sustainability & Competitive Advantage on Thursday, April 28, 2011
1 – 2 p.m. EDT

Register here and get a FREE printed copy of MIT SMR’s global study, “Sustainability: The ‘Embracers’ Seize Advantage.

Electronics Recycling

RIT is holding its 11th Annual E-Cycling Day this Thursday March 24 and it needs your support!

Time: Thursday, 3/24. 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Drop-off location: The Sentinel, SAU Circle

Cost: RIT equipment – no charge.
Electronics brought from home – no charge.
In response to the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, RIT’s electronics recycling contractor (Maven Technologies) is no longer charging for electronics brought in from home (as of 1/1/2011).

What: Any electronics, including desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, any other peripherals, cables, TVs, home audio,
cell phones, PDAs, land-line phones, scanners, rechargeable batteries, chargers, plotters, VCRs, etc. (Please don’t bring RIT phones, printer cartridges, non-rechargeable batteries, air conditioners, mini fridges)

Information Safety: All computers recycled during this event will have their hard drives punctured, or erased securely (using Department of Defense or HIPAA protocol). Additional information (Provided by RIT’s Information security Office) is found in the post script to this message.

So stop by this Thursday and drop off your old electronics (they’ll be students to help you unload if necessary) Or you can also arrange a pick up by sending an email to:, be sure to include building  and room #, times when you will be at location and what would you like picked up.

Green Your School Challenge

HP and urge you to do something to protect the environment and fight climate change. Green your school this spring and win great prizes while at it. How you ask?

  1. Find your school and register to get involved and see who else is participating.
  2. Email a challenge to get your friends and classmates to join. Click here to send an e-mail to 10 friends.
  3. Browse for ideas to get started.
  4. Report back anyone from your school can submit projects between February 1 and April 1.

Celebrity and expert judges will check out your school’s projects for a chance to win cool prizes. To get more info go to:

Aspen Case Competition

In two weeks, students from 25 leading business schools from around the world will compete next month for recognition and $40,000 in prize money by exploring the significant and positive influence that business can have on society. YOU CAN BE PART OF THIS EXCITING CONTEST!!!!

Finalists will be flown to NYC, meeting corporate and philanthropic leaders and be eligible for the

$20000 first prize

$10,000 second price

$5,000 third prize

ALL finalists get at least $1500

Teams get the case 9:00 on Friday, March 25th.

Student teams respond to the case by 9:00 am on the morning of Monday, March 28th.

The top five student teams nationally will be notified and transportation arrangements will be made for them to attend the final round  of the case competition, scheduled for Friday, April 15th, in New York City.

Teams must be made of four students, at least 3 of which are MBA students. There can be one EMBA or MS in a related discipline. If you want to participate, but don’t have a team – email Professor Rothenberg at

For more information – go to

Register at- to participate.